Our People
Our Mission
Iconic Group turns memorable moments into much more. Our expertise in professional event photography, class jewelry, yearbook publishing, and regalia, combined with digital marketing translates into world-class experiences.
Ryan Esko
Chief Executive Officer
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Michelle Jagers
Chief Operating Officer
Michelle runs all operations for Iconic Group. In this role, she oversees field operations, logistics, customer service, production, innovation and technology. She has nearly three decades of experience with the company's ever-growing portfolio and a real passion for overcoming obstacles and finding success!
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Jaclyn Cannon
Chief Marketing Officer
Jaclyn is the force behind Iconic's marketing and digital initiatives. An entertainment industry pro, she launched Cartoon Network's mobile business and grew it to $30M. Before that, she worked in investment banking, then founded Jacabee, a producer of trans-media properties for kids.
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John White
Chief Operating Officer
John has been the Chief Operating Officer of AAC-Iconic Group, since July of 2019. John serves as the Executive leader of the company's operations and operational strategy, including all manufacturing, sourcing, distribution, and customer service functions. John brings significant experience leading global operations, having been COO of Fossil Group, President of Pandora Jewelry, and a strategy consultant for Booz Allen.
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Mark Goshgarian
General Manager, Publishing
Mark is laser focused on the reinvention of the yearbook industry through product and technology innovation, leading a nationwide sales organization as they partner with local high schools and universities through the year-long journey of creating a product that celebrates the milestones of students’ lives. Mark’s leadership and guidance has been instrumental in re-inventing all of Balfour’s publishing software solutions, positioning the company as the industry leader in technology innovation.
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Joe Harvey
Chief Financial Officer
Joe oversees all finance, accounting, and professional services operations at Iconic Group. He has led multiple companies in the CFO, COO, and VP of Corporate Strategy roles. Joe began his career as a military officer and then had subsequent roles in investment banking and management consulting. In June of 2019, he joined American Achievement Corporation (“AAC”) as Chief Financial Officer.
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Scott Blevins
General Manager, Scholastic Division
Scott is the general manager of the scholastic division, leading the company’s ALL IN strategic initiative. Scott coordinates the ALL IN initiative with all functional groups including sales, marketing, business development, customer service and product development. He joined the company in July 2016 and has led the company’s efforts in product innovation, industry exclusive partnerships and sales growth across the business segment.
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Trishan Singh
Chief Technology Officer
Trishan is a proven technology leader, building agile technology teams for 15 years in startup and publicly traded omni-channel businesses. Designing and deploying technology solutions for e-commerce problems is a passion, bringing cloud scale to business. Singh joined the team in 2019, and now holds the role of Chief Technology Officer for the AAC-Iconic Group, fueling the Digital Transformation efforts to set the business up for long term success as the largest Commencement Services organization.
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